Web3 Summit 2019

New edition coming soon

Emiel Sebastiaan

Polkascan | WEB3SCAN

Exploring the Polkadot Multi-chain Universe

Alex Chien & Denny Wang

Darwinia Network

Non-fungible Token Identifiability

Nathan Schneider

University of Colorado Boulder

Mustafa Al-Bassam

University College London

Rethinking blockchains as data availability layers

Peter Pan

MetaCartel DAO

Lessons from the first Month

Dillon Chen

Commonwealth Labs


Alex Van de Sande

Ethereum Universal Logins

Adrian Brink

Cryptium Labs

Core Protocol Development : How to Make Blockchains Work!

Aron Fisher


Infrastructure for the Web 3.0



Yana Marakhonova


Interoperable DeFi : Insights from building a financial protocol on Polkadot

John Wu

Random Capital – Cdot

The present and the future of Web3.0 in China

Closing Remarks