Web3 Summit 2019

Funkhaus Berlin

August 19-21

Doors Open

Opening Remarks

Luis Cuende

Aragon One

Manifesto-based organizations: Organizations that can’t be evil using the Aragon Court

Dominic Tarr

Secure Scuttlebutt

Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure (all the other stuff that needs doing to coordinate a market)



Grin Development: As Little As Possible

Shawn Tabrizi

Parity Technologies

Substrate: One Year Later

Eth2.0 Panel

Moderator: Rick Dudley // Vulcanize
Mamy Ratsimbazafy // Status
Wei Tang // Parity Technologies
Adrian Manning // Sigma Prime


Ryan Zurrer

An Anthology of DAOs

DAO Panel

Santiago Siri // Democracy Earth
Luis Cuende // Aragon One
Mariano Conti // MakerDAO
Cassandra Shi // MolochDAO
Shaun Djie // DigiXDAO

Yalda Mousavinia

DAO Demo

Juan Benet

Protocol Labs

Michael Zargham


The age of networks and the rebirth of cybernetics


Rich Burdon


Jutta Steiner

Parity Technologies

& Ken Seiff

Blockchange Ventures Inc

Emin Gün Sirir


Beyond Blockchains and Proof of Work

Meltem Demirors


The Great Fattening: The Unintended Consequences of Architecture

Fireside Chat with Gavin Wood & Chris O’Neill

Outdoor Party / Reception

Protocol Roast with Sunny Aggarwal & Dean Eigenmann